So I’ve been looking for a full-size Jeep Cherokee my entire adult life. Growing up in Alaska my dad had a 1983 four door Cherokee, which I loved.

Fast forward 25 years, and I finally found a Jeep worth biting on. Long story short, I bought a 1974 Jeep Cherokee from a really cool guy in Burbank, California by way of eBay.

After flying out to Burbank (thank you Southwest points) last week to look over the rig, buy and fill out paperwork, the vehicle arrived from the shipper on Friday, 11/15.

The vehicle runs and drives well. It has a Holley Sniper EFI system, Turbo 400 transmission and BW1339 Quadratrac transfer case. The vehicle has been painted a flat redish brown color, which appears to be close to the factory color. It also has the smallest BFG KO2 tires I’ve ever seen on a truck (235/75R15)… probably the size people put on Subarus.

the Jeep. photo taken in West Adams in LA (Starbucks parking lot)
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