1. Adjusted rear tailgate latches. Had been only latching on one side. The electric rear glass has got issues. Took some good jumpering to get window down and some pushing to get it back up again.
  2. Bought whole pile of replacement door gaskets.
  3. Bought everything needed to get tailgate working.
  4. Bought other stuff.
  5. Took awning off the passenger side of roof rack (threw in yard… you’re welcome neighbors). Noticed many holes in roof, mostly from removal of stock roof rack. Many (but not all) of holes are covered in what looks like clear flex-seal tape (neat move). Need to figure out what to do with all the other holes.
  6. Installed replacement seatbelt bolt (7/16″-20) on passenger side. Should aid in passing safety inspection, scheduled for Monday.
  7. Drivers side headlight retention ring had two of the three tabs broken off. The tabs weren’t damaged at all. Looks like someone used the world’s weakest spot welder to connect to the stainless ring. I spot welded the two welds back on with TIG welder. Drilled #52 holes (smallest bit my cordless drill would hold… don’t ask why I used a cordless drill) in the tabs. Tacked them on using 25 amps on the TIG welder.
spot welds on two of the three tabs on headlight trim ring were broken.
yup. broken welds on tabs.
vise grips holding tab in place following drilling three #52 holes in tab.
post weld shot. 25 amps on TIG machine. 1/16″ 2% lanthanated tungsten. Tried 20 amps and the arc wandered around all over the place. Being too lazy to regrind a tungsten may have been a factor. Probably should have drilled smaller holes also.
backside of weld, prior to clean up. meh.
trim ring happily back in Jeep after being abused.
end of day shot. those drips aren’t from the Jeep. really.
end of day shot (backside).
Interior shot
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